Lulu’s Boat Ride Company Remembers the Victims of 9-11 

People throughout the country are remembering the victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks.In Bar Harbor, the Lulu Lobster Ride Company is honoring those victims and raising money for its local fire departments.”Traffic stopped everybody cleared their offices, then we heard that the White House was a target, we were no more than 3 blocks away from the White House we were on pins and needles for quite some time,” said John Willet.Willett remembers where he was on September 11, 2001, now nine years later the events of that day are still fresh in his mind.”I would drive by the Pentagon and the Pentagon was smoldering for days after,” he said.John Nicolai, a former volunteer firefighter from New York was also affected by the tragedy.”Emotions were high because the potential of losing 30,000 people in the towers was quite real,” Nicolai said.As the owner of Lulu Lobster Boat Ride Company, Nicolai decided to give back. Within weeks of the attack, Nicolai gave all of the proceeds of ticket sales to the Bar Harbor and Gouldsboro Fire Departments.”We thought it would be very important to have funds before a disaster happens than to try and play catch up after,” he said.Nicolai has turned it into an annual event, giving back to first responders on September 11th.Captain Matt Bartlett with the Bar Harbor Fire Department says the department is much appreciated.”It means something to us that even 9 years that they still remember us and want to give back to the fire service,” Bartlett said.While it may be an emotional day for Willet, he’s glad he can help first responders like the ones that lost their lives on that tragic day.”It’s an emotional day, but it’s nice to give back and do something fun while remembering those who lost their lives and give back.”We’ve learned that more than $2,700 was raised Saturday.Since 9-11, close to $13,000 has been raised and given to local fire departments.