Firefighters Pay Tribute to 9-11 

Folks traveling by the Bangor Central Fire Station on Main Street Saturday may have noticed a display of the American Flag and turn-out gear.The firemen did that in memory of 9-11.And they say, they’ve had great feedback from the public.Captain Tom Higgins says many people have stopped by and taken pictures and some have even left flowers.Higgins says some have shared stories of where they were on that day nine years ago.He says it was important for them to have the display.” Firefighters undoubtedly have a close bond to 9-11 with the loss of 343 firefighters in the city of New York on that day. And 9-11 has changed the way that we do business today. It’s a different world today than it was before 9-11.”Higgins says the American Flag that was displayed today was specially ordered for the occasion.