Palmyra Walmart Opens Healthcare Clinic 

Shoppers in the Palmyra area can now grab their groceries and get a flu shot – all in one place.A new walk-in health clinic opened today inside Walmart, operated with the help of Sebasticook Valley Health.Along with flu shots, the staff can also give physicals and treat patients with minor illnesses. The idea is to offer healthcare to people who can’t get into their doctor’s office or don’t have a regular physican and might choose a costly visit to an emergency room instead.Sebasticook Valley Health President and CEO Victoria Alexander-Lane says, “I think there’s a significant need for access on the weekends and during off times when normally people get off work and all of a sudden your child has a sore eye or sore throat or sore ear and you’ve got to get home and fix dinner – and you can run by here. That kind of fast, effective, efficient care is very, very much needed.”Walmart has now opened five health clinics in stores in Maine.The others are in Bangor, Brewer, Waterville and Presque Isle.