Ellsworth Elementary Middle School is Now Open 

The new Ellsworth Elementary Middle School is now open.Cathy Paquette enjoys sharing the gift of music with her students, she has taught music for 31 years and at times, it’s been a challenge”My job was to go from classroom to classroom on a cart,” she said.Paquette now teaches in her own classroom at the new Ellsworth Elementary Middle School.”I don’t only have a space I have cupboards, I have supplies, I could never use before because logistically it was difficult to lug large bass drums and xylophones from room to room.”The new school combines three old schools: the Knowlton School, the Morris School and the original Ellsworth Middle School. The building took two years to build at a cost of 36 million dollars.Assistant Superintendent Katrina Cane says the new facility has a laundry list of benefits, including two libraries housed in one to accommodate the school’s more than 800 students.”People are impressed with the design, the colors, how playful it is, how much natural lighting there is and it’s just an incredible place for kids to teach and students to learn,” Cane said.With geothermal heating and new lighting technology, the school is also one of the only certified green schools in the state.”Overall it’s great to have new technology, updated technology, and dedicated learning spaces for all instructional needs including art, music and physical education,” she said.