World War II Veteran Receives Medals More Than 60 Years Later 

A World War II veteran was honored Thursday in Bingham.He received the medals he earned when he served more than sixty years ago.”I’m very thankful and grateful for god and all of them.”Henry Morrill joined the armed forces in 1944, he fought in the pacific campaign with the 353rd Engineer Construction Battillion.From the battlefield of World War II to Bingham, Maine his devotion to his country was honored when he was awarded with the service medals he earned, but never received.”It gives me a thrill, excitement, these people are wonderful, beautiful people,” he said.Senator Susan Collins was on hand to present the medals to Morrill, she says ceremonies like these have a personal affect on her. Collins’ father fought in the Battle of the Bulge.”Every time I’m able to award medals to a World War Two veteran I think of my father as well,” Senator Collins said.Generations of Morrill’s family were also in attendance from young to old, they honored a man who sacrificed a lot for his country, but to the family, he’s the man they call pop.”We have pride and commitment to our country and that’s what dad brought to us,” said his youngest son, Robert Morrill.Major General Bill Libby with the Maine National Guard says most of the medals weren’t available when Morrill was discharged, he was presented with six medals, just three days before his 84th birthday.”They are and will always be the greatest generation. They’ve given us the freedom we enjoy today in this country and any opportunity to recognize them individually or collectively we can’t afford to miss as a society,” said Major General Bill Libby.