Cops in a Coffee Shop Compete to Eat Donuts 

Some local cops downed a lot of donuts Thursday. Not to be the butt of a joke but to raise money for Special Olympics.After some last-minute instructions and few more bottles of water, one dozen local law enforcement types were ready for their challenge – to be the first to polish off half-a-dozen donuts.The contest – put on by Tim Hortons in Rockland – is really a fundraiser for the Maine Special Olympics.Owner Derek Knutsen says “It’s all about community. To get everyone together and support local Special Olympians and local athletes in a local event like this, it’s just great.”Two minutes – and six donuts later – a winner … Seaman Peter Plummer with U.S. Coast Guard Station Rockland….Plummer says “The hotdog contests, they always dunk the hotdogs and buns in the water so they can eat them faster. Donuts are the same way – after awhile it just gets harder to chew because your saliva goes away. So you need to keep them wet so it’s easier to chew, just scarf them down. There really wasn’t much chewing. Once I got them wet, I was pretty much just swallowing them.”The technique unseated last year’s champ, Justin Hills, who’d dropped some weight to get ready for the competition.Hills says, “I thought I’d come in here lighter, faster, ready to go and the sleeper in the corner, he just got me. I was keeping an eye on where everybody was eating their donuts and I thought I had a comfortable lead until that last bite.”The real winners are the Special Olympians and even though this competition’s over, Hills says the battle with Plummer has just begun.”No matter where he’s stationed next year, he’s going to have to get liberty to come back here for this event.”Plummer adds, “He knows he’s gotta take me seriously. He can’t lollygag at the end there.”To which Hills says, “next year he’s coming back and we’re gonna face off!”