Susan Collins Visits Local Trucking Company 

Senator Susan Collins wants a better grip on how the stressed economy is affecting the trucking industry in Maine. That’s why she made a stop at a trucking company in Hermon today.Barry Pottle, owner of Pottle’s Transportation in Hermon, recently invited Senator Collins to have a chat about the state of the trucking industry in Maine. “As he told me several years ago, trucking is really a leading indicator of the economy,” says Senator Collins. “When the trucking business is having trouble, that indicates that manufacturers are not producing goods and that product is not being shipped.”The Senator got a crash course on the trucking industry, including a tour of Pottle’s business where she met the workers and learned a bit more about the business. She said she was impressed with what she saw and Pottle was hoping to hear some encouraging news. “You know it’s Washington,” says Pottle.” “And she’s only one lady who can make a difference. You know the Senator really listens to people here in Maine and that’s why I’ve enjoyed listening to her and she’s very sincere about our business and our people in the state of Maine.”A point of emphasis for the Senator was the pilot program that’s allowed trucks to carry up to 100,000 pounds on the interstate, keeping the heavy loads off of the secondary roads.The program is set to expire in mid-December and Collins says extending it could be tough. Senator Barbara Boxer from California has been vehemently opposed to the program. “Why she cares that much about our situation in maine is a mystery to me,” says Collins. “It’s helped our businesses be more competitive. It’s reduced energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and most of all it’s improved safety.”Pottle is hopeful his voice will be heard in washington. “She never forgets what we’ve talked about and she’s trying to help us out,” says Pottle. “And I think one of the things she’s going to take back to her office is trying to help us to get some tax incentives so we can buy new equipment and get this economy going.”