Local College Student-Athletes Discuss Their Summer Jobs 

School is in sesion and college athletes are focusing on the upcoming year. But not long ago, many were working summer jobs.Jerron McMillian – UMaine Football”Yeah, I worked for Enterprise.”Lindsay Barnes – Husson Field Hockey”I work at Owl’s Head General Store.”Mike Cornell – UMaine Hockey”One time I did groceries for my trainer, I painted his fence.”By far the dirtiest summer job we came across is the one held by UMaine football’s Donte Dennis when he went back to his home in Rahway, New Jersey.Donte Dennis – UMaine Football”Yeah, I’m a garbage man actually. I was the garbage man in Rahway for May and June. I don’t know, I guess it helped me out with my grip a little bit.”Any crazy stories from when you were a garbage man?”I don’t think I want to tell too much because it gets kind of nasty on that.”Some jobs were at tourist spots and that led to some interesting comments from the out-of-towners.Lindsay Barnes – Husson Field Hockey”Someone asked ‘ohh it was nice that you guys decorated the ocean for us’ they buoys that the lobsterman use, they thought were decorations.”It was an especially busy summer for UMaine football running back Jared Turcotte. Not only was he coming off an inmjury, he also worked at a funeral home and got married to his girlfriend, Allysha.Jared Turcotte – UMaine Football”I got married Saturday, had to be back up here at noon for a workout. I’ve had people tell me they had the funnest time at any wedding than what they had at mine. It was good, it was fun. It was a good time.”