Camp Beech Cliff Buildings Recycled to Help Community 

A popular summer camp in Mount Desert is undergoing a makeover.The buildings at Camp Beech Cliff are coming down to make way for new facilities.And what the demolition leaves behind could help families in need.Piece by piece, the decades old buildings are coming apart.New ones will soon go up in their place to bring the camp up-to-date. Executive Director Debbie Deal says “If we had more than one rainy day, putting all of these kids into this one gym building didn’t work very long, cause we have over 100 kids here on any given day so we realize we didn’t have enough rainy day space.”While the site is under construction, Camp Beech Cliff will move to Tremont next summer.Deal says as part of the renovation, staff decided they didn’t want the waste to go to waste.So they’re letting organizations – like Habitat for Humanity of Hancock County – scoop up the scraps.”A big piece of what we try to teach kids is about the outdoors and recycling,” Deal says, “so we feel like we’re staying with the philosophy and showing the kids this is an important part of what we need do.”Habitat Executive Director Jimmy Goodson says “After walking the site, it was amazing how much nice light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, water heaters, boilers, things like that we could actually bring into our store and resell.”Goodson says the supplies scavenged here will go to the organization’s ReStore, which raises money to build affordable homes for eligible families.”It’s like a motherload of opportunity because when the truck is full of stuff from here, that’s like two months worth of donations that come to the store.”Donations that will make a difference all over Hancock County, thanks to a camp that will make memories for years to come.