Volunteers Making Progress On Vandalized Boardwalk 

Volunteers have been hard at work today at the Orono Bog Boardwalk trying to repair the damage done by vandals over the holiday weekend. They say this the worst case of vandalism they’ve ever seen here. “Nothing this extensive,” says Jim Bird, Director of the boardwalk. “We’ve had 3 to 5 cases of small sort of vandalism sort of things, but nothing this extensive.”Bird says he immediately called in the volunteer cavalry to try and repair the damage that was done and the response he got was overwhelming. Paul Markson was one of the many who answered the call. He had just returned from vacation when he got the news. “I was a little shocked,” he said. “I was disappointed. I spent the last two weeks in arizona and got home this morning and picked up the paper and that was the headline I did not want to see.”But Markson and the others got right to work. “Pretty much ripping up broken floor boards and replacing them,” he said. “And now we’re going around and deconstructing the benches that were destroyed and using as many of the good pieces as we can and putting those back together.”This piece of railing along the boardwalk has been replaced. The board that used to be here is now out in the bog but thanks to the help of these volunteers, the boardwalk will most likely be open again in the next few days. “It’s gonna feel good, but the damage we saw is going to linger for quite awhile. I’ve been involved since 2004 and we’ve often had little bits of vandalism here or there but nothing like this. This is just, it borders on tragic.”They say a few bad apples aren’t going to ruin it for everyone. “No. We’ll be back up and running,” says Bird.Bangor Police are still investigating the vandalism. The folks in charge at the boardwalk say they’re hopeful they can re-open as soon as tomorrow. You can get updates on the repairs at their website: