Rare Blue Lobster On Display in Belfast 

Maine is known for its lobsters but a Stockton Springs lobsterman found quite the rare catch, a blue lobster.The blue lobster was caught last week by Losterman Todd Ritchie in Castine Harbor.While most lobsters are a dark, brown color, Bob Bayer with the Lobster Institute at the University of Maine says it’s estimated one in up to 5 million lobsters are blue.The rare find is attracting the attention of the pound’s visitors including John McGhee from Pasadena, California.”If I were to tell friends back at home that I saw a blue lobster, they’d think I’m crazy,” he said.Ritchie brought the lobster to Young’s Lobster Pound in Belfast. The blue crustacean even surprised one of the pound’s operators Diane Parker.”I’ve seen a lot of lobsters, thousands of pounds over my lifetime and I’ve seen one quite that colorful,” she said.Bayer says the blue color is caused by a genetic trait and there seems to be no other difference between a normal lobster and a colored one. So while it may be a different color, it still retains the same great taste, but Sean Stuart of Pennsylvania believes the lobster should be kept on display, not eaten.”I don’t know if it should be eaten or kind of kept on display so everyone could kind of look at it right now,” he said.Young’s Lobster Pound plans to keep the lobster on display for a few weeks and then take him to an aquarium.