Bedbugs Bite All Over Maine 

Jim Dill is a pest management specialist, so he has no problem getting close to these two little critters.For the every-day folk, though, just the thought of these guys might make you cringe.”Bedbugs are a small insect with piercing, sucking mouth parts about a quarter of an inch long. When they’re full grown they are dark brown and real flat and kind of round in shape,” described Dill.The pests aren’t something most people want to find in their homes, but it’s happening a lot.These two bedbugs came in last week from an apartment in the greater Bangor area.Dill says, just like their name suggests, you’ll frequently find them in the bedroom area of your home, “However, there’s so many bedbugs out there now you can find them in restaurants , you can find them in train stations and they’re also poultry pests, so you may go in a poultry house and you may find hundreds or even thousands of bedbugs.”The bugs feed off of humans and sometimes pets, but they pose no known health risks. “You could have everything from no reaction what-so-ever to it, to a little bump that itches just like some people do with mosquito bites,” said Dill.Dill suggests, if you do find bedbugs, call a pest control specialist immediately.Also, don’t worry — just because bedbugs have moved in, it doesn’t mean your home is dirty. These bugs aren’t picky.”You can find bedbugs in a 5-star hotel or a flophouse.”Another piece of advice, be careful when you travel as bedbugs are quite the hitchhikers.”Getting into suitcases, duffle bags, purses or even on your person which isn’t quite as likely but it can happen,” said Dill.