Orono Bog Vandalized 

One of Orono’s most popular places to walk is now off limits because of vandalism.The Orono Bog boardwalk is closed after hundreds possibly thousands of dollars in damage was done Sunday night.Adrienne Bennett has more.”First we thought it was just the cabin.” When a volunteer arrived and found the boardwalk cabin broken into it was the first sign of trouble.Bog boardwalk director Jim Bird says the deadbolt was broken, but only a key was taken, however, no one had ventured out onto the boardwalk yet. “So they were just thrown out? “Yeah thrown out and ripped up.” Interpretive signs ripped up and thrown into the Peat Bog. The boardwalk has seven, six were damaged.”They probably can be put back on but it’ll be a lot of work to get everything back in order.”Broken boards and busted benches were also found, enough damage to close the boardwalk on Labor Day, which would have been one of its most busiest days. “We would have had 150-200 people out here.” People like Al Spencer who’s from Glenburn.”It’s stupid and it’s not fair.” Sarah Stranz came all the way from New York.”It wasn’t easy to find, but we found it and now that found it. It’s really sad to hear somebody vandalized it.”Why anyone would want ruin the boardwalk is hard for Bird to understand. “Shock and then you get angry and then you get sad.”The boardwalk is in the Bangor forest and runs though Orono too, covering nearly a mile. Each year Bird says about 30-thousand people visit the area, which is maintained by volunteers.Getting it open again will happen. It’s just going to take some time.”Some of us work, Some of us are retired so it’s just when people can get out here.” The goal is to reopen by mid-week.