Largest Cash Seizure in Maine’s History 

Maine State Police are investigating why two men from Texas had more than $1-million on them in Maine.According to Lt. Thomas Kelly with the state police, it was the largest cash seizure in Maine’s history.During a routine roadside truck inspection on the Maine Turnpike in York, police say they found false logs in the possession of 35-year-old Jhon Riviera-Ramirez.They then found more than $1-million in U.S. currency.He was arrested for having false logs, but did make bail on Friday.His passenger, 46-year-old Jose Javier Perez, was not arrested.Troopers say the smuggling of bulk currency is a preferred method for criminals to move illicit proceeds across borders.It is a crime to cross the border with more than $10,000 in undeclared currency. Police are investigating the incident.