Earl Brings Rain to Bar Harbor but no Damage 

Hurricane Earl brought in rain and some waves but luckily not much damage.Diana bosch was in Bar Harbor and spoke with visitors who said the storm didn’t put a damper on their trip.The streets of Bar Harbor were busy on the bright summer day, a different story than earlier on Saturday morning after rain from Hurricane Earl touched down in the area.Many visitors told us they weren’t phased by the storm.”I didn’t really pay much attention to it, I figured it was not going to be coming up this far,” said Carey Hosta who was in town from Michigan.Despite the lack of strong winds, park rangers at Acadia National Park didn’t take any chances. The staff added barricades, shut down three campgrounds and posted signs warning visitors of potential dangers.”We did have a couple of trees down, not too bad, we had a power outage at one of the nature centers, we had a minor injury yesterday evening someone falling, stepping on rocks out at thunder hole, other than that it’s been going very well,” said Park Ranger Kevin Cochray.A storm surge from Hurricane Bill last year at Thunder Hole washed several people into the water, killing a young girl.Cochray says this year they were given the benefit of time to plan ahead.”This time we had the opportunity to plan a little bit more, talking to the National Weather Service daily to find out what was going on,” he said.The rain didn’t stop people from visiting Acadia, guests continued to pour in once Sand Beach re-opened and enjoyed the beauty of the waves the storm brought in.”It just added a beauty to this place we didn’t anticipate it’s nice to the rolling surf in the atlantic, rather than the Pacific or Hawaii,” said a visitor from Colorado.