Pirates Invade Lubec 

”I’m a true pirate. I have been all my life and I’m able to display it for a long weekend,” says Ross Furman, the chairman of the event.From his boots to his sword, Pirate Ross and his krewe are ready to invade Lubec to kick off the Eastport Pirate Festival, an event that attracts thousands from the young to the young at heart.”It’s really a wide open good time for people 6 to 60,” he said.This year, they’ve added some new events including a lobster boat race.”We’ve added a lot of new pieces to our puzzle. One of them is lobster crate race. There’s a lot of different things,” he said.Deborah Train just came back from a pirate festival in Florida and is ready for this year’s festivities.”From one end of 95 to the other end of 95, you have people who want to play and just cut loose and have fun and just enjoy life,” she said.This weekend, she’ll channel her inner pirate. Even though the threat of Hurricane Earl still looms, she plans to take on the storm as “Hurricane Annie.””I love it up here it’s wonderful, it’s beautiful and you really have the free pirate spirit,” she said.Next weekend, the festival gets underway in Eastport, for more information on the schedule, you can log onto’s no admission fee for the event.