MEMA Still On Guard for Earl 

Hurricane Earl may be weakening, and might not even be a hurricane by the time it reaches Maine, but emergency workers will be working around the clock just in case.Maine Emergency Management Agency Director Robert McAleer says he has some staff, including FEMA officials at their headquarters in Augusta. Around 8 o’clock McAleer says a couple more people will come in to monitor the storm as it passes through.The director says it’s better to prep fully for a storm like this and not have to use an emergency plan rather than not have a plan and needing it. “I’d like to do a jig if I could but I’m not much of a dancer. I don’t mind the least bit going through a whole lot of effort that prove that eventually that you didn’t need to do it. I’d much rather do that than find out that the thing came ashore and then we’d have to deal because regardless of how well we prepare if a storm comes ashore there are going to be people hurt, there’s going to be property damage and I’d trade that for this any day of the week,” McAleer says.