“Grains of Sand” Back Together After 43 Years 

Lots of friends dream of having a band…In the 1960’s, a group of neighborhood kids made their dream come true by forming “Grains of Sand”.Now, more than four decades later, they’re getting back together for a few more memories.”I’m Bill Moores, base guitar…””I’m Gary Gates, I play drums…””I’m Chuck McLean, I’m the lead singer…””I’m Dave Clark, I’m lead guitar player from Grains of Sand…”The band started out in the late 1960’s as just a group of friends, doing what they loved.”We were friends, we were neighborhood buddies. We were kids that just grew up and had a lot of fun. We had fun doing it. It wasn’t so much a business as it was a real good time of having fun,” said Bill Moores.Now, 43 years later, they’re back together, where they started — letting the music reconnect them.”We’re right at home inside a garage you know. We’ll always be a garage band until we’re 100 years old,” said Dave Clark with a laugh.But these guys are much more than just another garage band. Back in the day, they played all over the place.”We had a roadie that drove us all around. Bruce. Hey man, we’d hook up a trailer to that sucker, we’d be down in Jonesport, Machias, Millinocket, Waterville, we covered a lot of the state. We even went up to Canada one time,” said Gary Gates.High school ended, and the group drifted apart, but Bill wanted to re-live the memories.He got the group members to join Facebook, and he set up this reunion.”All of a sudden we were teenagers again,” said Moores.”It’s hard to describe, it really is. I mean, it’s just like seeing your old brothers after 43 years. It’s just, I can’t describe it, it’s something else,” said Clark.Chuck McLean agrees, ” we started together and here we are together again 43 years later. It’s something that I’ll take with me for the rest of my life.”While “Grains of Sand” may only be back together for a few more sets, this encore performance is one they’ll never forget.”We’re going to the future, but with much clearer memories of the past, of a time that we really loved so much,” said Moores, with a smile.