Local Organizations Help Laid Off Workers During Labor Day 

This Labor Day, two local organizations are raising money to help laid off workers.On Monday, the Food and Medicine Organization and the Eastern Maine Labor Council will host an art show to collect money for the Solidarity Harvest.That program provides food for laid off workers during Thanksgiving.The event will feature paintings, sculptures and quilts from local artists, along with music by folk artist Bill Morrissey.If you’d like to attend the art show, it’s at the Solidarity Center on Ivers Street in Brewer.Laura Binger, one of the events organizers, says the event is important to offer support for those who’ve lost their jobs.”I think it comes at a really important time, it’s the start of the holidays it’s a time when people are feeling lonely you’re away from your job and co workers and that community and this is something for people to see we all care, we’re all in this together and we’re going to support each other,” she said.If you can’t make the art show on Monday, this Saturday you can help the center at its auction and bar-b-que. That event will feature over 100 items, including U-Maine hockey tickets and a white water rafting trip.It starts at one o’clock.