Eddington Firefighers Help Students Cool Down 

Students in Eddington got some relief from the heat today, compliments of their local fire department.Diana Bosch has the story.”It’s been a hot week but the kids we just felt we need to do something for them and their behaviors along with staff,” said Principal Don Spencer.To solve the heat wave problem, Principal Spencer of Eddington Elementary School enlisted the help of the local fire department, who were more than happy to lend and hand and a hose.”We work well with the Eddington Fire Department and they said absolutely we could come over and do some spraying, cooling down the kids,” he said.As the sun beamed down on the field, the students enjoyed the water, splashing each other and jumping up and down in the puddles.”It’s never been this hot coming back plus we started back early too and the kids love it,” said Principal Spencer.Principal Spencer says this was a way to thank the children for their conduct during a recent fire drill. Firefighter Craig Russell said seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces is just one of the perks of his job.”It feels good you know and it gets them out of the classroom for a little to have some fun and it’s good to get down here and they get to see us as well,” he said.School may have started three days ago, but the students don’t seem to mind.”Oh they were ecstatic they’ve been struggling to sit in this heat and deal with this heat in the classroom out here and take a break and live summer a little longer,” said teacher Tom Goldman.