New Resort Coming to Bar Harbor 

A new five star resort has been approved for Bar Harbor.And where it will be built means some current businesses will have to close shop.Meghan Hayward reports.Several businesses along West Street in Bar Harbor will be torn down to make room for a new resort.”It’s a 102 room hotel with a 72 parking space garage and 6 dwelling units.”Ocean Properties is behind the project. They also own Harborside, which is across the street from where the new hotel will be built.Linda Keady, owner of Celtic Rainbow Gifts, says she knew it had been in the works for awhile. “It means that I’m displaced. I’ve been looking for another shop and the rents are too high here and I won’t be able to keep the business anymore.”Keady isn’t happy about losing the spot she’s rented for eight years. “It makes me feel really sad because a lot of people are going out of business because they’re bankrupt. I’m not bankrupt, but I can’t afford another spot.”The new hotel project will also include some traffic changes.2:05 “Lennox Place is going to be changed to a one way direction, it’s a two way now and the alignment is changing. Also York Street is getting widened which will be an improvement to that backyard parking lot.”Part of Rodick Street will become a two way.Keady says her customers are upset with the changes.”A lot of my customers say they won’t come back. That it’s turning into a place where it’s just too commercial.”Planning and Development Director, Anne Krieg, says the hotel will bring something new to the area. “It’s additional hotel rooms. It’s a boutique hotel, so it’s a different kind of rooms than what’s currently available. So it adds to the different kind of rooms visitors can choose from.”