New Look Old Town Football Preparing For New Season 

At Old Town high school, the Coyote football team is gearing up for Saturday’s season opener on the road against Calais/Woodland.It’s a new era at Old Town. They’ve got a new coach in Steve Calande as well as a new offense and defense. The team will use the Double Wing on the offensive side of the ball and the 46 Gambler Defense. The hope is to use speed and misdirection to rack up a lot of points. For a school that has only ten wins in the last 12 years, the team is adapting quickly to their new playbook.Steve Calande – Old Town Football Head Coach”We believe in building confidence first. I want them to play faster so they’ve got to know their assignments inside and out. Obviously, fundamentals. We’ve been stressing playing sound football, fundamentally sound football with an attitude. Playing with mojo.”Ryan Boyington – Old Town Senior”The tempo is up a lot. We’re all trying to get excited for all the games and and all the practices and making sure that nobody is getting down so nobody wants to quit.”Steve Calande”They’ve picked up the double wing offense really quick and I think we’ve shown the ability to possibly score any time. Even in our scrimmages, we’ve broken quite a few long runs, we’ve had a couple long passes. Kids who have never played running back are finding space to run with the football and they love it.”