Meteorologist Todd Simcox’s Son Goes to Kindergarten 

Wednesday was an exciting day for many students across Central Maine and for a member of the TV 5 family.Meteorologist Todd Simcox’s son Connor began his first day at kindergarten and we were there as he headed off to school.Diana Bosch reports.”He was so excited to go to kindergarten that I’m surprised he wasn’t awake this morning and we actually had to wake him up,” said meteorologist Todd Simcox.It wasn’t easy waking up Connor, but once out of bed he was ready to start the day.From picking out his first day of school outfit to eating his first meal.As Connor eats his cereal, Mom and Dad watch and give him a pep talk. It’s a day they’ve been waiting for, their little boy is growing up.”People say when you’re kids are growing up to enjoy it, time flies by you don’t realize it until a day like this where he’s going to school and your like, lord five years has gone and he’s actually going to kindergarten,” said the proud dad.You’ve probably seen Connor grow up before your eyes too, from his first time on TV 5, to helping his dad cook during Todd’s Recipe’s.This morning, Connor was excited as he headed off to begin his first day at kindergarten. Dad hopes the excitement will continue.”For the first couple of grades it’ll probably be a piece of cake then when he starts getting older and lazier than it’s going to be alright let’s get you out of bed let’s go you don’t have a choice get up and go,” he said. And then came the moment he had been waiting for, seeing the big yellow school bus arrive at his driveway.It was an emotional moment for mom, Lee who held back tears.”It was hard, he’s my baby,” she told us.But Connor isn’t the only one going to school, next week is his sister, Molly’s turn.”She’ll start pre-school at University of Maine next week, the whole house is getting going now,” Todd said.