Maine Maritime Academy Welcomes Freshman Class 

Maine Maritime Academy in Castine welcomed one of the largest freshman classes in the school’s history today. It’s the 69th academic year at MMA and for the first time in the school’s history, new president Bill Brennan brought everyone together for a convocation. “It was our opportunity to bring all of the community together, the Maine Maritime Community and the Castine community,” he said.Despite the unseasonably hot weather, this year’s freshmen seem to be settling in nicely. “I thought I was leaving South Carolina for some colder weather but it’s been in the 90’s all week,” said Anthony Rossitto, an MMA freshman from Charleston, South Carolina. Mark Menton is a freshman from Derry New Hampshire. “It’s great. My dad graduated here in 1980 so I’m kind of following in the family tradition.”A Maine Maritime Academy graduate and resident of Castine, Brennan wants his students to understand the connection the school has with the town. “The academy and the town have a close relationship and we depend on one another and so I felt it was valuable to be able to share this experience, not only for our students to have an appreciation for the closeness of that relationship, but also for the townsfolk to see some of the new students they’ll be seeing for the next few years,” he says. The message on this day wasn’t just about forming a bond with the community, but also with one another. “I want them to understand that they do have that shared experience and it’s just as important to reach out and provide support to a classmate as it is to provide support to a shipmate and that’s the message here,” he says. “It’s one community and while they all have one task they all really have one job.”