Foxcroft Start the Field Hockey Season with a Shutout 

The high school field hockey season is beginning two days ahead of the other fall sports for two reasons. Their season is a week shorter than the other team sports and they also needed more play dates because of the limited number of officials. What they didn’t plan on was the heat index today which postponed games in Skowhegan and Old Town. the coyotes were to play defending state champion Dexter.Another Class C power Foxcroft Academy was on the field against Hermon today.Gene Philpot back again and with a bunch of young players. First half, Gabbi Henderson with the re-direct and the Ponies are on the board. Henderson just a sophomore with two scores today.Later in the first half, a whole lotta pressure by Foxcroft. Henderson pushes it toward the goal and finally another sophomore Tia Tondreau gets the score. A hat trick for her. Rachael Keene scored twice and Foxcroft wins it 8-0.