Back to School Safety Reminders 

With Maine students heading back to school this week, law enforcement officials want to remind everyone to stay safe.Rebecca Wilson has been driving students to school for the past five years.She’s always surprised when people drive by her when she stops her bus.”Very frustrating because it’s all about the safety of the kids,” she said.Even though lights are flashing and there’s a giant stop sign hanging from the bus. David Cosenze with Cyr Bus Line says some motorists just don’t see the signs.”The motorists have to pay attention now because the little ones are out to and from school and they’re going and having fun looking forward to the day,” he said.Not paying attention could have serious consequences for your wallet.The fine is $250 for passing a stopped school bus, $500 for speeding in a school zone.”If you’re talking on a cell phone, if you’re doing your hair, reading and those things cause a distraction you can be ticketed for,” Edwards said.Sgt. Paul Edwards with the Bangor Police Department says drivers should allow themselves more time by leaving five minutes earlier than they have to.From the traffic between cars to traffic on foot, everyone hitting the roads needs to work together to ensure safety.”Bike with traffic as far to the right as possible, walking always use the sidewalk, always use a crosswalk,” Edwards said.Simple rules that could make the biggest difference.”The people passing can be very dangerous, can even cause death,” Wilson said.