All 5 Candidates For Governor Square Off On Agriculture 

All five candidates for the Blaine house were in Augusta today to talk about farming and agricultural issues. The audience included people from all aspects of farming. Marilyn Meyerhans owns 2 apple orchards in Maine. “I’m really trying to decide who to vote for and what their stance is on the agricultural economy of the state of Maine as well as business,” she says.That was the sentiment of everyone in the room. All 5 candidates for Governor were invited here by the Agricultural Council of Maine to share what they would do, if elected, to help the agriculture and dairy industries here in Maine. “A lot of people are tuned in to the station WIFM, ‘what’s in it for me?” As governor we’re going to tune in to ‘what’s in it for Maine?” said Shawn Moody, Independent candidate for Governor. All the candidates were asked the same 3 questions that centered around what they would do as governor to improve the agricultural business climate. “Well we have to get at funding a mechanism in the state of Maine that’s going to return investment for all Maine citizens,” said Kevin Scott another Independent in the race. “So that farmers can start growing and having access to markets in our local schools, maybe our prisons, and hospitals.”Libby Mitchell is the Democratic candidate for governor. “It’s all the other farming things that are available to us,” she says. “It’s important to Maine’s way of life but it’s also important to the country that we are self-sufficient with our agriculture.”Candidates told the crowd, that included many dairy farmers, how they would make things a little easier for them. Paul Lepage, the Republican nominee for Governor, says the State is taking too much money from local farmers. “I read the report from the Department of Agriculture to the Governor and every page had at least 3 fees. License fees, registration fees every page. It’s a 20 page report. No wonder they’re going broke, we’re feeing them and licensing, and permitting them to death,” says Lepage.Eliot Cutler is the third Independent candidate for the Blaine house. “My job as Governor is to change conditions so they can succeed,” he says. “So we can maintain the quality of place in Maine that makes this a wonderful place to live and make sure everyone in Maine has a chance to make a living.”At the end of the day the folks here will head home with a lot of thinking to do but do they know who’s getting their vote? “I don’t have any idea,” says Meyerhanz. “I’ve heard good things from some people and I’ve heard some kind of off the wall things from some people. It’s hard to put all of that into one person so I’m still kind of on the fence.”They have just over two more months to make up their minds.