Vandals Spray Paint Ellsworth 

Wayne Harvey

Many in Ellsworth noticed something that stood out on their drive into work this morning. And it was a sight that stood out from the norm.Doug Danico of Four Seasons Painting is used to putting paint on walls, but he was asked to take paint off a wall in Ellsworth to start his work week. “I got a call this morning from an owner here that had graffiti written on the wall and he wanted me to remove it “Vandals struck eleven different locations in Ellsworth, leaving graffiti on walls and signs around the city.”It’s not so much that things were broken or destroyed or anything, but it’s going to be, it’s going to take some effort on some of these buildings to get all of that stuff off,” said Ellsworth Police Lt. Harold Page ” So I’m sure it’s going to be in the hundreds of dollars at least.”The sight was unexpected.”I’ve never had this problem and I’ve never seen it in this area until now,” said Danico.” No, not like this in quite a while,” said Lt. Page. ” It’s been like I said probably about three years since we had any painting like this.”Police would like your help if you know anything.”I always like to emphasize that no matter how insignificant you might think it was, if it seems suspicious to you, it probably was. We’d like to have you call and talk to us about it.”You can contact Ellsworth Police at 667-2133.