Pound-a-Weigh Challenge 

Folks at the Waldo County YMCA in Belfast will be sweating away the pounds in a new competition.It’s called Pound-a-Weigh and is modeled after a well-known television show.Meghan Hayward explains.Folks in Waldo County have the chance to lose some weight and take part in some healthy competition.The Waldo County YMCA is sponsoring a Pound-a-Weigh Competition, modeled after the Biggest Loser.”With a competition that is geared toward not just fitness of physical activity, but also it has an educational aspect. Where we’re going to be teaching how to eat healthy.”Participants will be put in groups of ten for the first six weeks. The final weeks, they will participate individually.”We’re certainly going to be encouraging people to keep logs. That has been shown to be one of the most successful ways to lose weight.”The cost is $100 for members and $150 for non members.They’re keeping the physical activity challenges a secret.”We tried to make them reasonable so all people could participate in them. But that’s why we do some group challenges and some individual challenges.”One Y-member can’t wait for the competition to start.”Personally I want to do this because for forty years I’ve carried this weight and I’m tired of it.”Organizers hope the competition is a success.”I really want it to take off and I first of all want to get the inspiring stories, I want to see that happen. Who knows where it will go from here.”