Amicus Showing Off Their Talents 

A group of men and women from Amicus are showing off their talents in the cafeteria at St. Joseph hospital in Bangor this week. Amicus is a program that provides educational programs to men and women with developmental disabilities.Eleven of the Amicus clients that have taken part in a photography program are now proudly displaying their work. Officials from the program say they’re trying to focus on their clients abilities rather than their disabilities.Heidi Godsoe, Executive Director at Amicus, says photography is just one of many art programs they offer. “We have other art programs at Amicus. One called the Amicus writing project which people are writing poetry. Another one that will be exhibited at the Bangor Public Library that they have their art projects. So photography is just a part of giving people a well rounded life.Everyone is welcome to come and check out the photography at St. Joseph hospital. Officials from Amicus say more of their clients work will be displayed throughout the community in the coming months.