Lots of People Donate at Folk Festival 

The American Folk Festival is a free event, but donations are encouraged.This year, organizers suggested a $10 a day donation from folks, or $20 a day from families.Members of the bucket brigade were stationed all over the festival grounds.This year, they put more stands near the entrances to the Folk Fest with signs telling attendees about the suggested donation amount.So far, we’re told things are on a record-setting pace for donations.”It’s a barometer really. It’s an indicator to the sponsors, to the folks on the national level, that the folks here in Bangor really appreciate this event and it indicates as we continue to break records every year that this event will continue growing and it’s going to be here for a long, long time,” said J Martin, chair of the bucket brigade. Organizers say without donations the festival would not be able to remain a free event.