Rare Lobster Found in Maine 

Maine is known for lobsters, but a recent catch off the coast of Cape Elizabeth is catching the eye of even the most seasoned fishermen.Larry and Crystal Dunne of Saco caught a calico lobster.Scientists say only albino lobsters are more rare than calicos, though they don’t know just how rare they are.For comparison, a yellow lobster is just one in 30-million.Portland Lobster Company along the waterfront is babysitting the lobster for now.We asked if the lobster might end up on somebody’s plate?”I don’t think so??..too rare of a find??…yes too rare of a find, but then again everything does have a price on it…we can work out a deal,” said Benjamin Roscillo, of Portland Lobster Company.Portland Lobster Company on Commercial Street is keeping the calico in a tank until further notice.They have posted notes to the kitchen staff all around the tank, making sure the calico doesn’t get cooked.