Women’s Equality Day 

90 years ago the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution took hold– women were granted the right to vote.On this Women’s Equality day some women in Maine took time to launch a new website:”The work that we do is for families and that includes women and men. It’s a non-partisan effort. We want everybody to be working with us on these really important issues,” said Charlotte Warren.Charlotte Warren is the associate director or the Maine Women’s Lobby. She wants political candidates to talk about issues that effect women’s pocketbooks.”They include fair pay, family-friendly workplaces including paid sick days. They include access to education and training, they include increasing the minimum wage,” said Warren.Those issues are now being outlines on a website, The goal is to create a road map for candidates to speak to women.”The way somebody votes in Augusta directly effects how a family is going to do,” said Mary Cathcart.Members, like Betty Wilkins, say the website is a great resource, “It’s a very handy one-stop place to get lots of information for female voters for this election.”There are more than 5,000 people involved with the campaign already and most have personal reasons for joining. “I had a degree in biology, I couldn’t get a job using that degree. I ended up with 6 part-time jobs, all low wages, none with any benefits. It was a very difficult financial time for me.”Members will be going door-to-door in their bright green shirts doing what they can to grab the attention of lawmakers.”They send emails to their sitting legislators, they communicate with the governor via email, and now they’re doing that with their candidates,” said Warren.