Raising Successful Readers DVD 

A dvd produced in Winterport, is aimed at helping children enter kindergarten at their correct reading and language levels.It’s free of charge, and as Meghan Hayward tells us, it helps close a learning gap between the kids.”Reading is essential for everyone. You can instill that love of learning in your children just by reading to them.”Now, a language and pre literacy dvd for parents of newborns to 5-years of age is available in Winterport.The “Raising Successful Readers” video was produced by My Thrill Studio in Winterport.It’s designed to help parents and family members get their children involved in activities that help develop success in reading.”There are some families who don’t seem to know the real value of even just talking to their children. I mean from the moment they’re born. The youngest child in the video is 7-weeks.”The production of the video was funded through a grant from the Waldo County Fund of the Maine Community Foundation.”The various activities that will be seen is looking at books. The importance of the kinds of books to use for young children.”Literacy specialist, Kara Kenney, says they’ve found that about 20 percent of kids come into kindergarten with language skills of a three-year-old.”So when those kids enter schools there’s already a gap between their skills and the other children. So what we’re finding is that we’re really needing to intervene with those kids and give them some extra time to acquire the skills that the other kids come to school already having.”The dvd is free of charge and can be picked up at the Leroy Smith School in Winterport.