Preparations and a Party for Folk Fest 2010 

Organizers and volunteers were busy all day setting up at the Bangor Waterfront for the 2010 American Folk Festival.Folks gathered there this evening to celebrate and honor those who’ve supported this magnificent musical endeavor.Before bands take the stage, and festival goers arrive, volunteers are at the Bangor waterfront setting the scene for the American Folk Festival.”Anywhere from this morning people were setting aside or sorting out the t-shirts and all of the material that we’re going to be selling. Setting up chairs, tents, fences, you name it they’re doing it,” says Maria Baeza, Chair of the festival. But it’s not just the hard work of volunteers that has helped set the stage for this year’s festival. Budget issues posed problems for organizers. The generosity of performing acts and sponsors was key in 2010.Baeza says, “We have 5 bands who have been here before. The NCTA told them about the financial constraints we were experiencing this year and they have cut their fee tremendously. Some of them are performing for almost nothing.”Juilia Munsey, Chair of the Development Committee for the festival says, “It’s been a tough year economically for a lot of people. I think that we have some amazing sponsors. They have stepped up to the plate. Not only have they renewed their sponsorships, but they’ve given more.”After the tents were up, the stages were ready, and the vendors were prepped, a celebration was held! Thursday evening organizers put on an event to thank those who donated so generously to the festival.”I think the theme for this year is truly community and generosity. The kick off party is for those sponsors and individuals who have been very generous financially in support of the festival and we’re so so grateful to our volunteers.”The Festival is free to attend, but organizers are asking for a suggested donation of 10 dollars a day. There will be donation stations set up at the entrances of the festival. The bucket brigade will be making their may around as well.