Lead Dust Wipe Tests 

A fund passed through the Healthy Maine Partnerships is helping keep Bangor families safe from lead poisoning.The state funding has let Bangor Regional Public Health and Wellness team up with Penquis to perform lead dust wipe tests.So far, Penquis has tested 44 units for lead and helped organize training for more than 90 landlords.The wipes are done on horizontal spaces, often windowsills.There is a particular reason why Bangor and some other larger communities were chosen for this project.”Because about 40 percent of all lead poisonings in the state are occurring in these larger communities and 80 percent of those lead poisonings are in rental housing primarily pre 1950s housing.””So when I come in I do the dust wipes. I’ll send them down to the lab and if something comes up elevated then I take and go back and talk to the landlord and then give them some education on how to do it and how to clean it up and what they should do in the future to keep it in good condition.”The dust wipes are free to all landlords with buildings in Bangor.