Husson Student-Athletes Discuss Eagles Successful Fall Sports 

”We got a lot of support from the athletic department. They’re always ready to put what we need into the programs and making sure the kids are happy and making sure we got what we need to train and I think it brings out the best in us.””The more pressure we have, the better we work. If we feel like everybody is going to come towards us, they want to take us out, they don’t want us to get to the top again.””The success of every other team around us boosts us up, We don’t want to be that one team who doesn’t make it so knowing that there is 3 or 4 other teams in the run makes us work that much harder so that we’re in the run and we don’t want to be that team that misses the playoffs.””You don’t want to be that sport that doesn’t win a conference and everybody is winning. That means every sport here at Husson wants to compete against each other and we’re well known throughout Maine, throughout New England, throughout our conference and it just motivates us.””They’ve had great teams in the past so they have a great reputation to begin with in sports and that brings a lot of people in. They trust a lot of people. Good coaches. We’ve got good teams because we have good coaches. Good thing going on that so that bring people in.””Husson’s been up and coming and the sports programs have been right along with everything else and its just nice to feel to come to a D3 school and have the good programs and the school also.”