Selectmen in Gouldsboro Approve Initial Step for Lobster Processing Plant 

The Stinson Seafood Cannery closed its doors this past April, leaving 130 employees out of a job.On Wednesday, the Selectmen of Gouldsboro approved a letter of intent to allow the Live Lobster Company to purchase the former plant.Diana Bosch was at the meeting and reports the move could change the lobster industry.The company’s plan to use $400,000 dollars in federal grant money to develop a lobster processing plant is moving forward.”Our plan is to run a business and make it successful and make the town successful,” said Antonio Bossone, the President of the company.The plant would be built on the former stinson cannery and has the capacity to bring in up to 60,000 pounds of lobster a day.While many local fishermen had concerns about how this plan would impact their livelihood, many of their fears were alleviated.”It sounds like he would be a good neighbor and he would be welcome and I welcome him to town,” one resident said during Wednesday’s meeting.While some believe a lobster processing plant would create more competition, Michael Hunt, a co op in Corea believes this is what Gouldsboro needs.”We’ve been doing business with Live Lobster for over a year now and we look forward to doing more business with them, we support them buying the plant,” said Hunt.The plant will bring in about 140 jobs. It will work with the department of labor to hire those who lost their jobs at Stinson.”We know that there is about 130 who lost their jobs this past spring from the bumblebee plant, we want to bring in as many as we can to work,” said Bossone.Live Lobster hopes to begin working on renovating the plant in October.