Local Kids Raising Money for the American Folk Festival 

For Clara Moore her lemonade stand on Webster Avenue in Bangor is a labor of love.She’s been out here all summer, with one goal in mind, donating the money to the American Folk Festival.”The original idea was if you donate $1000 you get a ticket to the kick off party but all my friends started helping so we would only get one ticket so it wouldn’t really be fair,” said Clara Moore, manager of the stand.The friends make the lemonade and fruit punch, and for 25 cents a pop, it’s a pretty good deal.A deal that has customers leaving happy.”I got the fruit punch, it’s very good. I got the lemonade, it’s very good too,” said Nick Butler and Travis Barry who stopped by the stand. The kids say they chose to give the money to the folk festival because it’s an event they all look forward to.”You get to walk around, and there’s stuff to do, and you never get bored of it,” said Rubie Kollman.Clara Moore agrees with her, “It’s a really good thing to go to and it’s a lot of fun and I think it would be great to keep it going even better and better every year.”Clara says the goal is still to reach $1,000, but time is running out.”So far we have $422.48.”Some customers do throw in a few extra bucks to help the friends reach their goal, and no matter if they make it or not, the effort is outstanding.”The fact that they have the gumption to come out here and do that says a lot about them,” said Travis Barry.The friends say they will donate the money to the American Folk Festival sometime during the weekend.