Gun Shop has a Dozen Guns Stolen 

A dozen guns were stolen from a gun shop in Orrington.But as Meghan Hayward tells us, if it hadn’t been for the owner’s Jack Russell terrier it could have been even more.” Buddy started barking probably about 2:30. And I came down and look out the window. I thought Buddy was barking at a deer.”So Don Barrett, owner of Mill Creek Rod and Gun Shop went back to bed.But his Jack Russell terrier continued to bark.” And I opened the door, turned on the light and me being hard of hearing I didn’t hear anything but she heard the guns drop to the floor and I came down there were 3 Winchesters laying right here where I am standing now and this door was open.”State Trooper, Chris Hashey says 19-year-old Corey Damon was arrested Monday morning in Brewer in connection with the burglary.” He came through a hole that was 12 inches by 10 inches.”Barrett says 12 guns were stolen, worth about 8-thousand dollars.Barrett tells TV-5, 9 of those guns were found at a home on McKinley Avenue in Orrington on Monday.” One of the guns I found out in the gutter on the side of the road.”Barrett says nothing like this has ever happened to him before.But it’s made him make some security changes.” I have an alarm which I never set while we’re home. I use the alarm when we’re not home. When I leave the house I have it on but I do put that on now.”Barrett says things could have gone differently.And he’s considers himself pretty lucky, all thanks to his dog buddy.” This particular guy told Officer Hashey if it hadn’t been for the dog barking he’d have cleaned me out.”