ACE Awards 

Atlantica is an economic region. It’s made up of Atlantic Canada, Maine, and neighboring states and provinces.This evening The Atlantica Champions of Excellence, or ACE, held an awards ceremony to recognize those who have stood out in the business community.Awards were presented to those whose efforts contributed to the economic security and development of the region.Organizers say if businesses reach across the border and create connections, the entire region will benefit.Tanya Pereira, Deputy Director of Economic Development for the city of Brewer, says, “We feel that Atlantica really represents a lot of the competitive advantages that our areas have and share together. We have so much history and culture and natural resources in common. We feel it’s a really strong economic development strategy to continue to show that to the world and to demonstrate the capabilities that we have here to the region.”Five awards were presented this evening.The celebration will continue tomorrow, a leaders round table breakfast will be held featuring gubernatorial candidates Paul LePage and Eliot Cutler.