OSHA Investigating Acadia Hospital 

Federal health and safety officials are investigating Acadia Hospital in Bangor.The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says it’s because of a high number of workplace injuries and a complaint filed by a worker there. OSHA says the employee who complained claims policy changes, inadequate training and understaffing have caused Acadia to be an unsafe place to work. OSHA is looking for violations that might have led to an increase in injuries. Acadia officials say most of the workplace injuries occur while trying to control and treat physically disruptive patients. “We’ve dramatically reduced the amount of restraint that happens here. We need to provide a safe environment for our staff because if our staff isn’t safe none of our patients are safe,” says Acadia President and CEO David Proffitt.Proffitt says several new strategies have been implemented to treat violent patient outbursts. The OSHA investigation began about a month ago.