No Burn Permits Issued Because of Dry Weather 

The hot, dry weather has forced most fire departments to stop issuing burn permits.A burn permit is needed for any burning.Chief John Marshall with the Ellsworth Fire Department says even the smallest fire like a campfire can get out of control.He says his department hasn’t issued a burn permit in two weeks.Although wet weather is in the forecast this week, it doesn’t mean any permits will be issued anytime soon.”Just because it’s wet outside on a given day doesn’t mean the fire dangers are going be up, the next thing is this dry weather, even a spark of a chainsaw or piece of outdoor equipment that doesn’t have a spark connector on it anything that could create a spark like that if it gets into that dry duff, with a little bit of a breeze could cause a fire.”If you have any questions about burn permits, you can contact your local fire department or forestry office.