New Homeless Park has Neighbors Upset 

A new so-called “nature” park in Skowhegan has some neighbors up in arms. A landowner on Coburn Avenue has set up a picnic table, portable toilet and sign that reads, “Nature park/Nature trails for the homeless people of Somerset County.The owner, Bruce Obert, was denied a building permit, so he says he decided to make the land useful.Some neighbors see it as revenge on the town.Recently an 84-year-old man and his dog have been visiting the site. Neighbors have mixed reactions about the whole situation. Neighbor Jeff Evans says, “Some of the nearby neighbors are elderly themselves, women who live alone. And that the dog seemed kind of – we just didn’t know what his behavior would be.” Another neighbor John Hughes says, “Man’s just living his life. He’s 84 years old you ought to be able to live your life by then. I just think he’s too old to do anything dangerous.”Police say no laws are being broken, but they are trying to find the man a permanent home. We’re told the man does not want to stay at the local shelter.