Maine Offensive Line Has Family Ties 

In footbal, Offensive Lineman are a tight-knit group that enable the other parts of the offense to succeed. At UMaine, it’s no different. The Black Bears O-Line is so close that two members of this band of brothers are just that… brothers. As members of the Bonny Eagle football team, Josh and Matt Spearin helped bring the school four state titles in five years. As sophomores at UMaine, they hope to continue that success in the college game.The bond on the left side of the Maine’s offensive line is as tight as it gets. Left tackle Josh Spearin and left guard Matt Spearin are brothers and have played alongside each other since they were kids.Matt Spearin – Maine Left Guard”We stay tight. We’re always together through meetings. We usually eat dinner and stuff at the same location.”Matt Spearin is a year older but redshirted his freshman year. As sophomores this season, both Matt and Josh will be called upon to carry Maine’s young offensive line.Josh Spearin – Maine Left Tackle”This year, we definitely feel like we are stepping it up. We feel a lot more comfortable with the plays. Most of us last year were first year players. I think all but two of us we’re first year players. We feel a lot better, we feel a lot more comfortable this year and I think looking at practice, we’re doing a lot better too.”Maine head coach Jack Cosgrove has given the Spearins a tremendous responsibility in maning the left side of the O-Line but knows they can get the job done.Jack Cosgrove – Maine Head Coach”Offensive lineman are a special breed, they really are a different cat in this game. We ask them to do team-wide things, we ask them to do unselfish things and they respond. Those two guys embody that. They play hard and they are getting better all the time.”Offensive lineman tend to be the unsung heroes in football but Maine’s success is all that matters to the Spearin Brothers.”Being overlooked, it doesn’t really bother us that much. People like that don’t really take into account what the O-Line did but the players usually step up and say ‘nice blocking,’ ‘nice job out there’ and stuff like that. That’s what really matters.”