Summer Tour at UMaine for Prospective Students 

One week before the student body will be on campus to start taking classes at Umaine, the faculty and staff were welcoming in the largest ever open house on the campus.And the event has turned into just that, an event.”Welcome to UMaine””We’ve taken it outside,” said Vice President of Student Affairs Robert Dana. ” We’ve turned it into a festival atmosphere we’ve got all our academic colleges out here on the mall and it’s one stop shopping in some respects.”Even though more than 1600 High School Juniors and Seniors were arriving on campus, many with their parents, and siblings with them. The University wanted to make sure that the despite the fact that this is about a thousand more prospective students than have ever taken part in a summer tour before, the personal touch was not forgotten.”It’s come to Maine, you’ll be attended to and cared for as a human being, this is not a place where in any way, shape or form that you’ll be treated as a number,” said Dana. “You’re a real person to us.””As soon as we parked there’s like people there to help you and it’s awful helpful””Everybody seems really nice here and welcoming and it’s beautiful here.”Both Kayla Swasey and Noelle Plourde live in Maine and for them this is a chance to see what their future could hold in Orono.”I’ve heard really good things about it, a lot of people, I’m going to Marshwood,” said Swasey, a soon to be High School Senior from South Berwick. ” And a lot of people from there go there and I have some friends that go here and I’m interested in the Art Program.””I really was just excited to come here today to check out my specific program that I’m interested in so I want to learn a lot about that, I’ve heard about the Communications Disorders program and I want to check it out because I live in Maine and there’s a really high likelihood that I’ll come here,” said Plourde who is from Eliot. ” So I really wanted to learn a lot about what I specifically would be studying.”And with all of the information in one area it made it easy to find that out. Even if they did have to weave their way through possible classmates.