LePage Speaks at Rotary Meeting 

Election day is now just over two months away, and candidates for governor continue to criss-cross the state.Monday, republican candidate Paul LePage didn’t wander far from home. He spoke at Waterville’s monthly rotary meeting.Lepage focused on several hot button items, including the need to elect someone who will lead the way to limit spending, lower taxes and help Mainers earn livable wages.He also had this to say about an overhaul to welfare in Maine: “I’ve been there. That is the most humiliating, degrading system that this state has allowed to happen since the 1960’s, and I will tell you my plan calls for a 5-tiered system. We’re going to work with people to get off welfare not work with people to keep them on welfare.”In a recent poll of likely voters, LePage is leading with 38% of the vote. Democratic nominee Libby Mitchell scored 30% support and independent Eliot Cutler got 16%.