Farmer in Need of Some Rain 

The lack of rain this Summer is not good news for farmers.A farmer in Corinth says the ponds that feed their irrigation systems are almost out of water.Meghan Hayward reports.”We haven’t had any significant rain since June 28th. When strawberry season is over, we still have to maintain the next year’s crop in order for them to put out some good blossoms the following year. We’ve been having to irrigate for six hours a day for the last week.”That means water levels in the ponds they use for irrigation have decreased significantly.”We are about out. I think I have about four more hours of irrigating to go, then it better start raining.”If the rain doesn’t come soon, Albert Tate, owner of Tate’s Strawberry Farm, says they’ll have some problems.”If they’re low on water this coming Fall, we’ll have a smaller crop next year.”Tate says after the Winter, the pond should return to it’s 12 feet of water.”Hopefully we’ll get some snow and the pond will go right back to where it’s suppose to be.”He says if it wasn’t for their irrigation system, they wouldn’t have had a pumpkin crop this season.”When they blossom, they wouldn’t have put out a very big bud and the blossom itself would have fallen off. So with the water we had available, we put it on the pumpkin plants and that made them really grow to 15-20 pound sizes.”The pumpkins are about two weeks early this season too because of all the sun.Tate says he’s trying to not worry too much about his crops.” If this was in July, it would have really been bad. But we irrigated for the last three weeks to maintain the berry production. It’s going to rain within the next month. It has to.”