Bradley Hopes To Lift Boil Water Order By Weeks End 

The folks in Bradley have plenty of water, they just have to boil it to make sure it’s safe to drink.Around 300 homes in there are under a boil water order after the only water main supplying the town was broken during construction. Crews were replacing the old main, which pre-dated World War II, when they accidentally broke it. That means residents must boil their water for at least three minutes before it’s ingested. “So samples taken Thursday and Friday of last week show there was no contamination to the water main and that the water is safe to drink,” says Frank Kearney, Superintendent of the Old Town Water District.But Kearney wants to play it safe. So for now he’s recommending residents continue to boil their water. “An abundance of caution,” he says. “I want to continue with it because there is a chance that damage could occur again as the construction proceeds. The proximity of the existing water main for the new installation is just a couple feet away and anything can happen.”If conditions are right, the order could be lifted by the end of the week but until then, the boil order is a major inconvenience and expense for residents. “It’s a nuisance,” says Bradley resident Gayle Moore, “especially for the seniors. It’s so much more work.”Resident Janet Lavoie agrees. “I go through about two gallons of bottled water a day between me and the dogs. And then I boil a lot for cooking and such, but I don’t like to drink the water that’s been boiled. It doesn’t taste right.” Bradley residents who have any questions about their drinking water can call the Old Town Water District at 827-2145.