Bangor Dog Park Plans Laid Out 

Earlier this month, the Bangor City Council gave the thumbs up for a dog park behind Geaghan’s restaurant.It’s something a group of local dog owners has been working on for close to a year now.Joy Hollowell brings us up to date on plans for the park as well as the concerns some have about such a facility.======A year ago, Joe Knox and his family adopted Ava from the Bangor Humane Society. After taking her to a dog park in a nearby city, Joe thought Bangor needed one well.”Just started making some phone calls,” says Joe Knox, “And sounding people out for the interest, and it turned out there was quite a level of interest, and no one had really taken it to the next level.”Joe did. He formed a group called Bangor Area Regional K9’s or B.A.R.K. They worked with the city and eventually decided on a spot, down near the waterfront. “Our ultimate intent was just for there to be a safe place for people who aren’t comfortable having their dogs off leash in a city park,” says Knox. “To have a place where they can come and play and get the exercise and social interaction that they deserve.””The thing with a dog park is, it can be great for dogs, it can also be very, very bad for some dogs,” says Don Hanson, co-owner of Green Acres Kennel in Bangor. “There are some dogs, that the best thing they can do is stay away from a dog park”Don Hanson is a dog behavioral specialist. He’s now working with B.A.R.K on an educational campaign for users of the park.”People understand that dogs are social animals like people,” says Hanson. “But where they seem to go astray is that they understand that not all people get along, but they seem to expect that all dogs should and will.”B.A.R.K.’s plans for the park include a divider for large and smaller dogs.”It’s going to look like, well, a lot cleaner, I hope,” says Knox. “And we’re basically going to fence in most of the area.”The group would also like to add in lighting, water and resurface the road leading to the park. All in time for a hopeful opening date of next spring.========Bangor Park and Rec Director Tracey Willette tells TV 5 that the city hopes to work cooperatively with B.A.R.K. to fix up the park, then maintain it.B.A.R.K. is currently looking for donations as well as volunteers to help with the park.If you’d like more information, you can contact Joe Knox at 745-8615. His email address is [email protected] is also on Facebook.